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The goal of seeking a business that Steven and I could do together became a mission once our eldest went off to college and the little one had secured a spot at the Orange County School of the Arts as a Classical Voice student back in 2012.  

After many iterations, the basic business model for the Artemis Defense Institute was designed… and we found ourselves on a plane to Tempe, Arizona where we would demo the VirTra Systems for the first time.   By late December, we had found our building, started the permit process and purchased the VirTra 180 and 300, and the execution component of our plan was initiated.

There were things we did and didn’t expect.  But, what we have found is an extended family with deep-rooted friendships were formed.

We hope you will soon visit us, if you have not already!  We are thankful for the fantastic staff that we have been able to collect and grateful for all the support from the community that we have received thus far!  

Connect with us

Whether you are a potential investor, a future entrepreneur or would like to just chat with us, send us a note and we will get back to you shortly. 


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Tel: (949) 305-6586

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