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We offer a wide range of classes that just can't be put into categories! Here are some of them:

We love hosting larger groups to suit your needs. To organize a private group event, please contact Angelica at angelica@artemishq.com.

A clean handgun is critical for reliable performance! In this hands-on class you will learn how to disassemble and clean your gun, review basic nomenclature including parts of a gun, and discuss how to properly maintain your gun.


Learn how to Clean Your Gun!

What better date could there be than dinner in our Lab followed by shooting together on our simulators? You will also learn other important skills such as how to communicate during moments of crisis, how to develop your home emergency plan, and more. But most of all, you will have some fun and meet new like-minded couples!


Go on a date!

The State mandates that hunters complete a hunter certification class, but there is little to no instruction on how to actually hunt!


In this two-weekend class you will learn the “How To’s” of finding and bagging game, from fowl to megafauna, through both classroom and in-field instruction. A third, optional weekend guided hunting opportunity at a local game ranch is also available.


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Increase your survivability! Learn unarmed direct action with use of force to protect yourself from the threat of serious bodily injury or death. This class is open to all.


Receive hands-on training in defensive measures such as throws, takedowns, joint manipulations, firearm retention, firearm disarmament and more!


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