Pistol for Dummies (Online)


This is an online introduction to firearms and is also required for NRA Basic Pistol Certification. You can also send this as a gift!

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This class assumes you know very little about firearms… hence the reference to the “Dummies” Series. It’s a good idea to take this class prior to our Pistol series.  However, some of our seasoned clients still learn a lot from this class!  This course is also a prerequisite for the NRA Basic Pistol Qualification.

This class is an online course via Zoom.



  • Four firearm safety rules
  • A brief history of handguns
  • Introduction to guns – types of handguns
  • Nomenclature / parts of the gun
  • Basic ballistics: sizes, calibers & types / how to read a box of ammo
  • How guns work
  • What to look for when buying a gun
  • Who cannot have/own a gun
  • The process of buying a gun
  • Basic gear needed
  • How to store your gun
  • Range etiquette – how to load and make ready/unload and show clear
  • Firearm Safety test (optional)
  • NRA Basic Pistol Exam (optional)
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