Be part of our growing 2A Directory! Get first-hand access to a plethora of 2A businesses owned by like-minded individuals. Whether you need a 2A lawyer, a health coach, real estate agent, or a new firearm …  Artemis created a 2A directory that will connect you with the right people.


Who can become an Affiliate Member?

  1. Have a paid monthly membership (this is an add-on at no additional charge).
  2. Be 2A friendly and have a business you wish to promote!


Why Participate?

  • Exposure to our clients via our proprietary vehicles
  • Business name and logo featured on our website, social media, newsletters, & blogs
  • Signage at our facility and presence in our lobby and Affiliate-designated areas
  • In the works:
    • Podcast interviews and posted wear they live and distribute as appropriate and where content makes sense
    • Presence at a launch party and various events throughout the year to share and generate content for our business or share about your business
    • More to come as we develop our program with your input…


How To Participate:

  1. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and purchase this free membership
  2. Fill out the Affiliate Membership Program Survey
  3. Our marketing team will get in contact with you to go over all your marketing options.

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