CCW: Multi-State Class


With your CA, AZ, UT, and FL CCWs, you will have reciprocity to conceal carry in about 45 states.

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    This CCW class is open to anyone interested in obtaining the CCW as a non-resident for Utah, Arizona and Florida and has no connection to the CA CCW or it’s application.  If you are have already taken your CA CCW training with Artemis, you may opt to take the truncated class called Artemis Multi-State Add-On.

    Included in this package: 

    • Application packets for Utah, Arizona, and Florida
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Rolled-prints on FBI-approved fingerprint cards*
    • Printed Passport Photos for Utah, Arizona, and Florida

    *Florida fingerprint cards will be provided; however, they MUST be completed by law enforcement.