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Basic Pistol AKA Fam Fire

July 2, 2020 @OnTarget - Basic Pistol Live Shoot, $100/student

This live shoot at On Target, assumes you have zero to very little training with a handgun.  Come join our lead instructor (Johnny V), our ladies program coordinator (Debbie) and the owners (Steven and Sandy) as they walk you through the process of getting to know your firearm. Members discount apply, please be sure to contact the front desk to recieive your discount (949) 305-6586.  Or click HERE to register now.

Basic Rifle Class at Artemis

May 31, 2020 @Prado
Refresher Rifle - $100/student

This is a refresher shoot offered to students who have successfully completed Rifle 1, 2 & 3. As a refresher student, you will join the Rifle Class in progress an hour into the program.  As a refresher student, you will be placed on the waitlist and will be admitted into the class on a first come first in basis. Member discounts apply.  Please contact Artemis Front Desk to insure you get your discount (949) 305-6586


June 2, 2020 @OnTarget Range
4M Live Shoot - $50/student
(intro rate)

Take your every day training from the lab to the indoor range as we launch our partnership with On Target Range.  This is open to MEMBERS ONLY and also requires clearance by one of our Artemis Instructors.  On September 1, you MUST become an On Target Member to participate in future shoots held at On Target. Inquire about the special membership price extended to Artemis while attending this shoot.

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  1. Are there any opening for Tuesday Nights Open Shoot @ On Target and if so can I sign up?

    1. Yes… I believe so… I will have someone from our front desk contact you… if you have not yet registered.

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