Steve Tarani’s

Defensive Walking Stick

The walking stick and cane are considered “medical devices” and can be carried on an airplane and in countries where both firearms and edged weapons are not permitted.  In this Defensive Walking Stick class you will gain a tremendous amount of EXTREMELY valuable  information with minimal physical effort.

  • Rapid Deployment – Demonstrate proficiency in safe carry and rapid deployment of a walking stick or cane regardless of material, length, shape or design.
  • The Anatomy of Defense – Gain proficiency in operative handling (strikes, thrusts, blocks, parries, evasions, locks and controls), rapid acquisition of combative grips and effective manipulation.
  • Attack Recognition – Instantly recognize the most common types of attacks (someone wielding a knife or impact weapon) as well as the advantages and disadvantages of common grips, stances and methods of operation that can be used to defend against any attack.
  • Range Identification – Instantly identify the distances of engagement in any contact weapon attack and the options available for self defense at each range employing the walking stick or cane.
  • Evasion, Escape and Control – Confidently demonstrate knowledge of walking stick/ cane defense by executing evasions, escapes from and control of an attacker.
  • Disarming – Disarm and control an attacker employing the walking stick or cane at close quarters.
PRICE:  $350
DURATION: 2 days
LOCATION: ADI classroom