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Welcome to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s approved CCW class


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  1. Fantastic Class. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
    Thank you Artemis!!

  2. Thanks Guys

  3. Thank you for all that you do! Your guys Rock!

  4. Dear Capt. Steve and Sandy, I truly enjoyed your training today, I learned a great deal! I am sure it took considerable effort and time to put this together instead of having a live class, and you did that because you care about us, not everybody is like that and we are blessed that you are!
    I have to say the humor went a long way to making the day more enjoyable!
    Thank You! and hell Yes, BEAT-NAVY!

  5. Thank you — see you tomorrow!

  6. Thank you Steven and Sandy! Your time and efforts are much appreciated!

  7. I appreciate you all!!

  8. Learned so much. I feel more comfortable and safe with the knowledge provided. My wife and I will become members!!!

  9. Great Lesson today! Thank you for all your extensive training inside and out! 🙂

  10. Excellent program would highly recommend spending time with this team

  11. This course was beyond expectations. The presentation was first class! Had a great time and learned a lot.

    Thanks for being there.

  12. Thank you again for this opportunity. From the on-line pre-class to the on-line class to the range was a great experience. Top notch professionalism. I look forward to more training with the ADI family. Congrats to all of my classmates of class #125!

  13. Thank you so much Steven and Sandy for putting such a wonderful and informative class together. I’m really glad I chose ADI – such a great experience. The back and forth humor between you two made the class fly by. The online videos also helped a lot. Nothing but a first class operation there. I look forward to training at your facility more in the future. All the best!

  14. Sandy and Steven, thank you so much for the class. It was a great experience and I look forward to more training with Artemis!

  15. I enjoyed the class and want to thank you for making it possible at this time and era. I hope we will see you soon for some situation and gun practice. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you again.

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