About Artemis

Artemis Defense Institute

Artemis Defense Institute (ADI) is a unique firearm training facility, blending live-fire training with a state-of-the-art indoor video simulation training lab to offer a comprehensive, expert-driven curriculum fueled by highly qualified staff from both law enforcement and military backgrounds.



Our owners and trainers eat, sleep, and breathe current firearm tactical skills, policy, and products, as well as critical broader skills such as situational awareness, use-of-force judgement, and emergency tactical medical intervention.



ADI has a local, state and increasingly national reputation among law enforcement and firearm industry professionals for being the most advanced and dedicated firearms training facility in the industry. This is due in no small part to the industry relationships, curriculum direction, and hands-on training provided by co-owner Steven Lieberman, an attorney specializing in use-of-force defense, along with the unstoppable drive and dedication of his wife and co-owner, Sandy Lieberman.



ADI acknowledges that anyone can teach someone to shoot a firearm.  But knowing how to shoot doesn’t keep you from making fatal, life-altering mistakes.  That’s why ADI’s entire curriculum exists within the larger purpose of teaching you how to THINK and MAKE RESPONSIBLE DECISIONS. That means training frequently, consistently, and with purpose to build the psychological and muscle memory necessary to respond effectively in the face of a deadly threat.



To support the need to train properly, ADI’s membership program offers a tiered solution to meet the needs of every shooter – all at an affordable price. While membership is not mandatory (you can enroll in classes individually), membership provides the consistent training that is the cornerstone of a commitment to being truly prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones.