What a week.

What a future.

The last few days have been tumultuous at best.  One of the biggest “tests” we have encountered is the vague, and often contradictory, “orders” coming from the public health departments and Governor Newsom himself.

(Note to state officials:  In the event you are going to issue an order, have it posted on your website simultaneously to your Twitter feed presentation… don’t post it 20 minutes after you are done talking about it!)

Language is important, not only to communicate ideas, but also to clearly outline responsibilities asked of those reading it.  

When I was studying foreign policy in college, I was surprised to learn the majority of international treaties tend to be drafted in French, even when the two parties signing the treaty are not Francophone countries.  When I asked my professor why, he smiled and said the French language is so vague and ambiguous that a document drafted in French could be subsequently interpreted any way a party wished it to be.

Cest le vie!

There is a time for the imperfection of linguistic directives… and then there is this time.

That all said (hopefully with some degree of precision), I want to be completely, perfectly, eloquently specific in what I am about to tell you:  YOU NEED TO BE TRAINING!

(If you have arrived here from our newsletter, continue reading here…)

We promise to keep our doors open until the very, very end.  The services we provide the community are literally essential both under federal law, as well as local public safety.  You may have seen my missives over the last couple of weeks talking about the sheer number of first-time gun buyers nationwide.  

There is a potential public safety crisis, and by extension a political crisis, that threatens to manifest if we are not extremely proactive in our training.

Honestly, I am not particularly concerned with COVID 19.  My personal feelings are somewhat stoic on the subject.  From the data I have seen… and, candidly, I am not a scientist… there does not seem to be the level of lethality associated with this virus that currently exists with other dangers in our society.  

We have never shut down our economy on the pretext that driving deaths can only be avoided if people stay home and don’t commute to work.  Still, for a number far smaller than motor-vehicle deaths, we have sacrificed our economy.

When the contradictory edicts from the Orange County Health Department came out, we were left flummoxed.  These are not stupid people.  They must have taken, at one point, an economics class, did they not?  Did they not learn that for every action there will be, by definition, unintended consequences?

How many more incidents of domestic violence occurred over the last week due to both parties being “stuck at home”?  How many incidents of stress-related heart conditions were exacerbated due to these orders?

How vulnerable, on a national level, have we made ourselves appear to our nation’s enemies as a result of our actions?  Note to our future enemies:  You don’t need to bomb us, or send in shock troops, just have us freeze in place and have us destroy ourselves by having a few of your sick soldiers go to Disneyland for a few days.

Going back to my biggest concern though, a freshly-armed populace who has no training.  In fact, many of these new gun owners have been ardent supporters of gun control and have a visceral fear of their firearms.  The potential for at-home, negligent discharges are at the highest level I have ever seen and something must be done.

I will ask you, as I asked last week… go out and be clarions for safety.  Advocate for the Bill of Rights, but do so with an understanding that responsibility is the first and foremost need.  Tell these people to train.  We don’t care where they go to get their training, we just beg… tell them to just seek out professional training at whatever costs.

Last week I made a series of videos (somewhat amateurish, but time was of the essence) and we put them on our website at artemishq.com and Youtube Channel.. we will post more soon but, at the very least, have them watch them, and watch them with them!  Be there to answer questions… and, above all… train constantly, consistently, repeatedly, and with purpose.

We will persevere!