Welcome to Artemis Defense Institute

Orange County's Premiere
CCW/Concealed Weapons Training Facility

Anyone Can Teach You to Shoot, but
at Artemis, We Make Thinkers Before Shooters

Artemis Defense Institute (ADI) is a unique firearm training facility, blending live-fire training with state-of-the-art indoor video simulations. In the training lab, we offer a comprehensive, expert-driven defensive shooting curriculum fueled by highly qualified staff from law enforcement, military, and civilian backgrounds.

Our curriculum goes far beyond mastering shooting fundamentals – we help you train your brain to react effectively in the face of a threat. This includes drilling tactical skills far into your muscle memory as well as honing your situational awareness skills, all the while educating you about current firearms law. Whether you are a beginner or advanced shooter, ADI will help you become and remain able to defend yourself and your loved ones responsibly.

New to Firearms or Considering Buying Your First One?

You are not alone! The number of new gun owners is staggering. California firearms laws are convoluted and confusing. Knowing how to navigate the regulatory process is the first step in firearms ownership. 

Also, know that there are no firearm “accidents” – there is only firearm negligence. It is imperative to know, understand, and internalize the four firearm safety rules through frequent, consistent, and constant training. To get started, watch our New Gun Owners Video Series made just for you.

Most Realistic Concealed Carry Firearms Training in Orange County

ADI was the first to bring video simulation training (formerly available only to military and law enforcement) to the civilian market in 2012.  Using this 100% safe, state-of-the-art training platform fueled by real Glocks equipped with CO2 and lasers lets you learn new skills and practice without fear.

Shooter Silhouette



“If you want to learn how to shoot in a real-world environment this is the place to be. No other place offers something this amazing. I would highly suggest going here if you want to learn how to shoot or if you want to hone your skills. They are like personal trainers for your marksmanship and situational awareness.” 


– Christopher H.