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Anyone Can Teach You to Shoot

We teach you how to think and make decisions!

From the beginner to the most advanced student, there is something for every firearms owner to learn at Artemis.  By using the most advanced simulators developed by VirTra, stress is eliminated from the equation to focus on fundamentals, repetition and judgemental use of force.  Join us in the 5,600 SF air conditioned lab!


New to Firearms or Considering Buying Your First One?

Save time, energy, frustration and possibly embarrassment by understanding the process first.  Watch our New Gun Owners Video Series made just for you.


Join the growing community of individuals who have opted to take the ultimately responsibility for personal protection

LE / Military / Church Security

The professional community is where our focus started and continues to grow through enhanced programs

Group & Private Training

Training, once only available to LE and military agencies is now offered to you through various group or private options

Active Shooter / Threat Assessment and Mitigation

Programs are available on our campus or at your facility to provide a professional perspective

Understand the Buzz...

The scenarios may be simulated but, the experience is real!

By training with real Glock 22’s, AR-15’s, OC Spray and Tasers retrofitted with lasers and CO2 on the VirTra simulators, the training translates well to live fire.


Shooting Range on the VirTra Simulator
Group Shooting Range Exercise on VirTra Simulator


CCW in the usa


Entire Pop ccw


ccw in OC


Artemis Trained

“If you want to learn how to shoot in a real-world environment this is the place to be. No other place offers something this amazing. I would highly suggest going here if you want to learn how to shoot or if you want to hone in on your skills. They are like personal trainers for your marksmanship and situational awareness.” – Christopher H.

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